Bill Poulos: Das Beste aus seiner 40-jährigen Börsenerfahrung in einem gratis live Webinar

Do this NOW (you’ll thank me on July 20th).

As you might know, AAPL is scheduled to announce their earnings on July 20th, 2015.

Bill Poulos is hosting a live webinar this week where he is going to show you the exact 2-part strategy he uses to chase triple-digit gains in the days before and after these earnings announcements.

There’s obviously no guarantee of future results, but here’s how this strategy is working out so far on past AAPL earning announcement dates:

Sept 2014: +98.3%

Nov. 2014: +194.2%

Feb. 2015: +142.6%

And like I said, the next AAPL earning announcement date is coming up in July and to make sure you’re poised to profit Bill Poulos is going to show you exactly how to trade it.

But you must sign up for this free webinar. It is 100% free but spots are limited.

So grab your spot now.

Good trading,

p.s. Of course, I am not guaranteeing you will make double or triple digits gains in July if you follow this strategy. I can’t predict the future. But on the webinar you’ll also get the specialized risk management rules to use so even if the trade doesn’t work out, you’ll only risk a tiny fraction of your account.

Claim your spot now.


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