17 trades. 15 winners. Why you missed these…


Last week Bill Poulos closed the doors on The 20/30 Wealth Trader. If you tried to sign up after Thursday, there’s a good chance you were locked out.

Those who were lucky enough to secure a spot are already enjoying some impressive results.

Bill showed me a page from inside the members area and so far there are 17 closed trades and 15 winners. That’s an 88% win rate!

You can review each of the closed trades here.

Despite all the early success, there was one major complaint about the program: It filled up too fast!

Now that the initial rush is over, Bill and his team can support a few new members. So you’ve got a second chance to get in on this.

But hurry — the program filled up in 4 days last week. Now that things have settled down, they’ve opened a few additional spots for new members but it will certainly reach max capacity in just a few days.

So hurry…

Click Here To Check Out The Early Trade Results And
Your Trial Of The 20/30 Wealth Trader

Good trading,

p.s. 78.4% on NFLX in 9 days. 49.1% on YHOO in 6 days. 50.9% on CSCO in 4 days. Seriously, you need to check this out…

p.p.s. To watch the „tell all“ video that reveals everything you get with the 20/30 Wealth Trader, go here…


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