Two trade recommendations?

Last night after the market closed, the first 20/30 Wealth Trader recommendations came out.

Active members got their first trade alert notifications telling them EXACTLY which stocks to trade.

Tonight — and every night after the market closes — members will get an email showing them exactly how to adjust their positions for maximum gains and minimum risk, along with any new trade opportunities that opened up.

And best of all, Bill Poulos is paying for your 2nd year of The 20/30 Wealth Trader when you sign up today.

Join today and there’s still time to get your 2nd year FREE and jump in on some of the initial trade recommendations.

The trade recommendations made on AAL and NFLX haven’t hit the entry price yet. So if you start your trial right now, you might still have time to jump on these open trade recommendations.

And to give you some perspective:

In January of this year, the 20/30 Wealth Trader formula issued a trade recommendation on AAL that resulted in a 57.2% gain in 5 days.

In August of this year, the 20/30 Wealth Trader formula issued a trade recommendation on NFLX that resulted in 78.4% in 8 days.

Obviously, there’s no guarantee these type of gains will happen again. But if you have to take a loss on either of these recommendations, the most you’ll lose is 5% of your account (if you follow the 20/30 Wealth Trader risk management rules.) And if Bill Poulos is right about these trades, well, let’s just say you’ll be happy you jumped on board in time.

So don’t risk missing another trade recommendation:

Claim Your FREE 2nd Year When You Start Your
No-Risk Trial Of The 20/30 Wealth Trader Now

Good trading,

p.s. In 2008 — while many people watched in horror as their retirement and trading accounts got battered — the 20/30 Wealth Trader picked winning trades at an astonishing 79% rate.

The win rate for 2015? Even better. Click here to see for yourself…


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